The Shadow of Water: The London Charismatics Book 2

A dangerous prophecy threatens London.

Lily Albright can see the future, and it looks like hell. 

In an England on the brink of war, Lily is plagued by visions of the cataclysmic destruction of London. An ancient prophecy is coming to fruition, and it starts with the gruesome discovery of a corpse in the sewers.

To save her city, Lily must untangle a web of conspiracy and violence. She’ll need the help of all of her fellow Charismatics—the men and women who know “the impossible things”. That includes the enigmatic Lord Strangford, whose ability to see into the darkest corners of Lily’s soul threatens to tear their relationship apart. 

From the gutters of the Limehouse to the champagne-soaked ballrooms of St. John’s Wood, Lily races to expose a plot that could bring the British empire to its knees. But changing fate and preventing an apocalypse will put Lily’s charismatic powers to the ultimate test.

The London Charismatics continues with another historical fantasy full of deadly mystery and arcane powers. Pick up The Shadow of Water and return to the dark, mystical streets of Edwardian England.

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“Fate is not a book someone has already written. It is a complex and wildly nuanced interaction between immense forces, not the least of which is you.” 

~ Robert Ash

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