The Stolen Apocalypse

A Raiders of the Arcana Prequel Novella

For a determined lady scholar, nothing perks up a wedding quite like exploding coffins and a priceless stolen manuscript.

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About the novella

Professional archivist and fervent suffragette Ellie Mallory loathes marriage ceremonies, but she’s willing to endure this one if it means she can get her hands on a uniquely fascinating 13th century apocalypse manuscript. The only problem? The manuscript she finds is a fake, and the real one will be swapped out by thieves before the wedding bells start to chime.

Ellie has only one hour to figure out where the exchange is to take place within the vast Gothic maze of historic Christchurch Priory. With the help of her fashionable, knife-wielding bestie, Constance Tyrrell, she must navigate deadly belfries, a morose groom, and a crypt full of potentially explosive coffins—all while wearing a nightmarishly pink borrowed dress.

But Ellie’s quest to save the apocalypse leads her to stumble into another historical mystery—one that might uncover the fate of an even more precious treasure. Can she find the prize, stop the thieves, and save the wedding in time? Pick up The Stolen Apocalypse, the adventure-packed and delightful introduction to Jacquelyn Benson’s swashbuckling Raiders of the Arcana series, and find out!

The Stolen Apocalypse special prequel novella also contains a preview of the first chapters of Empire of Shadows, Book 1 of the Raiders of the Arcana series.

An earlier version of The Stolen Apocalypse was released in 2020 and distributed to subscribers to Jacquelyn Benson’s newsletter. This is a complete revision and update of that story, but fans of the original will still enjoy some lovely cameos from characters in my London Charismatics series. 

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