Coming Soon: The Fire in the Glass

To save someone she loves from brutal murder, a clairvoyant who can never change the future sets out to catch a mysterious and powerful killer stalking the streets of Edwardian London.

Releases on May 1. Preorder the ebook now.

It’s time to go to war with fate.

Meet Jacquelyn Benson

Jacquelyn Benson headshot

Jacquelyn Benson writes smart historical thrillers where strong women wrangle with bold men and confront the stranger things that occupy the borders of our world.

She once lived in a museum, wrote a master’s thesis on the cultural anthropology of paranormal investigation, and received a gold medal for being clever.

“Benson has a way of writing so that the imagery lingers in your mind long after you’ve put the book down.”

– Amazon five-star reviewer

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