The Books

Jacquelyn Benson writes smart historical thrillers where strong women and bold men confront the stranger things that occupy the borders of our world. Here’s a complete list of her books including upcoming releases.

The Fire in the Glass

The Charismatics Book One

To save someone she loves from brutal murder, a clairvoyant who can never change the future sets out to catch a mysterious and powerful killer stalking the streets of Edwardian London.

There have always been charismatics.
Look closely and you will see them scattered through the history of every nation, every faith.
Some were exalted. Others were burned.

~ Robert Ash

The Smoke Hunter

When frustrated suffragette and would-be archaeologist Ellie Mallory stumbles across a map to a city that shouldn’t exist, she’s forced to team up with maverick surveyor Adam Bates in a race to find a secret that could bring the world to its knees.

Where you want to go, there are a whole lot of things that could cut the both of us down. It’s dangerous, and whatever you think, until you’ve been out there you can’t pretend you know what you’re doing.

~ Adam Bates

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