The Fire in the Glass: The Charismatics Book 1

It’s time to go to war with fate.

London, 1914. Someone is draining the blood of the city’s mediums. Lily Albright knows who’s next.

The unacknowledged bastard daughter of the Earl of Torrington, Lily is haunted by visions of the future that she can never change. When she foresees the death of her closest friend, there’s something familiar about the details. They’re just like the circumstances of a series of recent murders.

If she can find the killer before he strikes, maybe this time she can finally thwart fate and save someone she loves.

As Lily’s investigation takes her to a bedchamber where one of society’s most desirable widows lies dead, she realizes she can’t do this alone. She needs help from the reclusive Lord Strangford, a man haunted by his own unusual powers. To pursue the path of a killer, Lily must ask Strangford to face unimaginable horrors – and is compelled to reveal her darkest secrets to a man she has little reason to trust.

Somewhere in the city lies a murderer hell-bent on an unspeakable harvest, one that could reshape the future of the human race. To stop him, Lily must face a past rife with betrayal—and embrace the power she has spent her entire life trying to escape. 

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Praise for The Fire in the Glass

“Fantastic storytelling, exacting research, and scathing social commentary-with a satisfying dash of magic and mystery.”

– Olivia Atwater, author of Half a Soul

“If you like your historical fiction mysteries with a little supernatural flair to them, I highly recommend you read this book.”

Nerd Girl Loves Books

“I simply didn’t want to put this book down, and completely lost track of time while reading.”

The Book Worm’s Feast

“We aren’t lighting up the countryside with pyres or pinning people to crosses in 1914, but what you and I do is still dangerous. People are as likely to fear it now as they were then. They just have different weapons at their disposal.”

~ Lord Strangford

Dive deeper into the world of The Fire in the Glass

The Truth Behind the Fiction

Learn about the surprising true history that inspired the book.

Landscape of the Story

See the real places inhabited by the characters.

Curating Strangford’s Collection

I created a virtual library of art for Strangford’s unique gallery.

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