Content Warnings

While I write my books primarily to be fun, my stories do sometimes delve into some darker themes and content that could be unpleasant or painful for some readers. To help decide whether my books are a good fit for you, I’ve provided these lists of the potentially upsetting or triggering content each story contains.

I have tried to make them as comprehensive as possible, but must note that I can’t always anticipate what subject matter might pose a problem. If I have missed something that you believe should be included in this list, please contact me and let me know.

The Fire in the Glass

Contains alcohol use, drug use, absent parent, blood, graphic injuries, murder, abduction, medical procedures, needles, anti-Semitic/sexist remarks, violent fights.
References to sexual assault, prostitution, eugenics, abortion, hysterectomy and death of a parent.

The Shadow of Water

Contains alcohol use, kidnapping, violent fights, brief incarceration, death of a loved one, bombing, hospitalization, vehicle accident.References to prostitution, human trafficking, sexual assault, terrorism, medical procedures, torture, war.

A Wrath of Sparrows

Contains violent fights, references to sexual assault and human trafficking, murder, injuries, use of minors in criminal acts.

Bridge of Ash

Contains alcohol consumption, references to attempted sexual assault, a child in danger, murder, blood, graphic injuries, war, gun violence, physical fights, nudity, “fade to black” sexual content, bombing, and depictions of surgery.

What the Ravens Sing

This book is still being written so the following list is preliminary and may change by the time of publication:

Contains warfare, catatonia, post-traumatic stress disorder, animal death, plane crash, murder, medical experimentation, captivity, violent fights involving death and serious physical injury, blood. Descriptions of pregnancy loss. Slight references to prostitution and human trafficking. References to sex.

Empire of Shadows

Contains instances of kidnapping and restraint, animal death, animal attack, minor field surgery, alcohol consumption, and ritual (not psychological) self-mutilation.

Contains references to past sexual harassment and micro-aggressions, a smallpox epidemic, forced religious conversion, and human sacrifice.