The Smoke Hunter: Meet Ellie Mallory

Name: Eleanora “Ellie” Mallory
Date of Birth: February 2, 1871
Place: Maidenhead, Berkshire

Queen’s College School for Girls (1879-1889)
University College, London – Classics and Natural History (1890-1893)

The outdoors, libraries, sensible clothing

Special Skills:
Fluent in Latin and Ancient Greek.

After the deaths of both of her parents, and Ellie was taken in by her maternal uncle, David Fairfax, an accountant with the firm of Wesley and Black, and his wife, Florence. She was raised in their rooms on Golden Square in Soho, London, with her cousin, Neil.

Archaeological Ambitions:
Ellie long nurtured the dream of working as an archaeologist, a job her education at UCL more than qualifies her for. However, being a female and lacking a fortune, any gateway into the field is barred to her.

Ellie aced the notoriously difficult United Kingdom civil service examinations, and was given a position as an archivist with the Public Record Office, located on Chancery Lane in London. She worked there for five years before being dismissed.

Ellie is a committed champion of women’s rights and a member of the London Society for Women’s Suffrage.

I have a bachelor of arts from the University of London. I am ranking member of this nation’s civil service. And I am not permitted by its government to cast a vote.

– Ellie Mallory

Martial Arts:
Ellie is competent in basic  Shaolin-style kung fu. She was taught the more essential maneuvers for self-defense by Trevelyan Perry, a friend of her cousin Neil (and Adam Bates) at Cambridge who learned the skills while serving as a Foreign Office agent in China.

The martial arts of China are as easy for a woman to learn as for a man, and a lady should never be forced to rely on a third party for her self-defense.

– Trevelyan Perry

Criminal Record:
Ellie was arrested on April 16, 1898, when she chained herself to the gates of Parliament during a rally for women’s suffrage. She spent the night in the Scotland Yard lock-up but was released without charge the following morning.

Attitudes Towards Marriage:
In a move that sets her apart from the majority of English women, Ellie Mallory is staunchly opposed to marrying or having a family.

For a woman who wants something more than the life of a housewife, children—marriage, even—are as good as a jail sentence.

– Ellie Mallory

What this could mean for her relationship with Adam Bates remains to be seen.

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Chasing a threat born in smoke.

Archivist Ellie Mallory holds the map to a city that shouldn’t exist… but she can’t find it without help from a man determined to uncover all her secrets. Can they stop a dangerous enemy from unleashing an ancient power?