The Smoke Hunter: Meet Adam Bates

Name: Adam Bates
Date of Birth: July 31, 1866
Place: Evesham, Cotswolds, England

San Francisco Academy (1874-1884)
Cambridge University – History (examinations not completed) (1885-1888)

Good rum, playing in the dirt

Wearing a jacket, civilization

Special Skills:
Cartography, wilderness survival

Adam’s father, George Bates, is the senior partner of the firm of Robinson, Bates and MacKenzie, the foremost provider of shipping insurance in the Pacific. His mother, Elizabeth,  is the daughter of the thirteenth Earl of Scarsdale.
During summer breaks, Adam worked as a ranch hand on the state of Senator Jasper Dodge, a family friend, but was always intended to take up a leadership position within his father’s firm. This hope was dashed after a falling out during his final months at Cambridge, and his younger brother, Robin, is currently being groomed to step into their father’s shoes.

Adam discovered his passion for archaeology through his friendship with Neil Fairfax at Cambridge. Though the university lacked a formal program in archaeology, Adam took classes when offered and engaged in extracurricular study of the latest methods and techniques in the field.

Adam’s battle of wills with his father led him to leave Cambridge before completing his degree.

I didn’t see the point in taking my last exams. To prove myself to who? I knew what I knew. My father wanted me to have that degree, and I wanted to tell my father to go to hell. The rest is history.

– Adam Bates

He took the civil service exams and was assigned to the position of assistant surveyor for the colony of British Honduras, where he has worked for the last ten years.

Relationship Status:
A committed bachelor, Adam Bates believes marriage to be incompatible with his chosen career.

However good I am at what I do, it’s a risky line of work. What woman is going to let me keep at it and chance that she’ll be left on her own if something happens to me?

– Adam Bates

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