The Magdalene Diggers Series

Ellie Mallory blazes trails to protect the secrets of history.

Nice Victorian ladies don’t run across the globe digging up the most powerful artifacts of the past… but Ellie Mallory has never been a nice Victorian lady. With the help of maverick surveyor Adam Bates, Ellie is determined to keep dangerous ancient treasures from falling into the wrong hands.

The Magdalene Diggers series in reading order

The Stolen Apocalypse

A Magdalene Diggers Prequel Novella

Against a ticking clock, Ellie Mallory must work with Anthony Rivers, the eccentric young heir to the barony of Strangford, to uncover the truth behind a daring theft in Christchurch Priory.

The Smoke Hunter

The Magdalene Diggers Book 1

Ellie Mallory stumbles across a map to an ancient Central American city that shouldn’t exist. Now she has to race a pair of dangerous and determined enemies to the prize… but she can’t get there without help.

More to come in 2022…

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