Subscribe to Text Alerts

Emails often get swallowed by spam folders or system filters, which means you miss out on the news and updates you’re looking for. To make sure you get the updates you’re looking for, I’ve set up this texting service for any of my followers with a USA phone number.

How text alerts work

By texting the keyword NEWS to (270) 697-9429, you’ll be opting in to receive SMS messages on your phone from us. You can text STOP to that number anytime to unsubscribe.

What we’ll send

You’ll receive 1-4 texts per month from me.

  • One text when a new book releases
  • One text when text when a new book is available for preorder
  • One text when the monthly newsletter has gone out with a link so you can access it easily (in case your inbox eats it)
  • Occasional texts for special events like a sale or giveaway

Most months you will only hear from me once or twice, and yes – you can reply to the messages and I will see your notes.

Outside the USA

Right now, this service is only available to numbers in the USA. Are you outside the USA and interested in text alerts? Email and let me know. Your level of interest will help me decide when and how to expand this service.

Your information stays private

I will never sell or share your phone numbers. They will be used only for the updates listed above.