The London Charismatics Complete Series Digital Box Set


Digital box set of the complete London Charismatics series.


Digital box set of the complete London Charismatics series.

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The complete London Charismatics digital box set includes:

  • The Fire in the Glass
  • The Shadow of Water
  • A Wrath of Sparrows, a special London Charismatics novella
  • Bridge of Ash
  • What the Ravens Sing
  • Last Rites, the London Charismatics epilogue story

A boy who speaks to birds. A woman who dreams of the dead. A man who steals secrets with a touch.

The London Charismatics are those with the power to know impossible things. With her dark visions of things to come, Lily Albright is one of them. To stop the horrors of the future, she must master her terrible ability—and learn to trust an eclectic group of strangers with everything that matters most to her.

Join them and journey down gaslit streets rife with murder, conspiracy, and supernatural forces.