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Coming soon: The Stolen Apocalypse

This June, subscribers to the newsletter will receive special access to a free novelette, The Stolen Apocalypse, an exclusive prequel to both The Smoke Hunter and The Fire in the Glass. June, 1897. Ellie Mallory, archivist with the British Public Record Office, is attending a wedding at the stunning Christchurch Priory on the coast of […]

When you’ve run out of Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody books

If you’re like me, you’ve read every novel in Elizabeth Peters’ beyond-delightful Amelia Peabody mystery series about eight times over. The wit! The adventure! The exotic locations, archaeological mysteries, and prolific corpses! Egyptologist Barbara Mertz (who wrote under the name Elizabeth Peters) was kind enough to give us nineteen (and a bit) Amelia adventures before […]

Great summer reading series to get hooked on

It’s summer! Time to pour a cocktail, kick off your shoes, and let the lawn turn into environmentally-responsible jungle. And what better way to while away those hours in the hammock than by diving into a purely entertaining read? Diving into a whole pile of them, of course! The following are my utterly arbitrary picks […]

Are romance novels good for you?

Romance novels get a lot of crap. Very Serious Readers are inclined to label them ‘trash’, as though the 74.8 million women (and men) who read them each year either have poor taste or simply aren’t bright enough to appreciate Real Literature. Well, that’s a load of bollocks. But perhaps even more insidious is the […]

Best-ever heroine introductions

Today, I’m working on a new protagonist. Forget Pygmalion. Creating the central persona of your novel is more like being a five-year-old with a tub of Play-Doh. Grand ambitions abound, but your elephant often ends up looking more like a lumpy purple rock. Secondary characters are soooo much easier to create. Distinct and quirky personalities […]